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About Us

The Pöul Tool axe is a trusted axe maker & multi-functional tool manufacturer, thanks to a combination of its founder’s excellent business acumen and the quality of wood formula.  For over years, Pöul axe is a robust tool for outdoor worksites and wild environments, making sure all things work perfectly fine. It's also an advanced tool that focuses on giving our clients a truly unique experience in the wood and modern camping arena to combat the hard times. If you're going to use an axe, as we do, for carving, you'll need Pöul axe to put magic into the edge and by that we mean you have the edge to give a better bite in tough wilderness.

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International Tools Maker

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Our Story

To create and work for the world’s finest axe, we first studied and tested the best axe designs from around the world in different weather conditions. The history of early Pöul has intrigued for as long as we can remember. It was this fascination that prompted us to make our first axe in 2002, as part of an effort to authentically proofed with the equipment of a modern woodsman.

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