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Swedish trekking hand forged axe maker

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Build a bushcraft axe with quality.

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Swedish axe
Swedish trekking hand forged axe
Swedish hand forged axe
Oil Tinder Stick

About Us

An International Tools Maker

The Pöul Tools’ axe is a trusted axe maker & multi-functional tool manufacturer, thanks to a combination of its founder’s persistence in craftmanship and method of making a tool in quality over time. For years, Pöul Tools’ axe is a strong tool for outdoor work and life and in wild environments, is seen as a necessity to tackle any challenging tasks with hands. It is also an advanced tool that focuses on unique user experience in the wood and modern camping homes to combat the unexpected events and build whatever a cabin or a campfire. If you're going to use an axe, like we are, to live and thrive, you'll need Pöul Tools’ axe to put magic into the bushcraft world with an edge and by that we mean you have the edge to get the best in the tough wilderness.

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Swedish trekking hand forged axe

International Tools Maker

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Swedish trekking hand forged axe maker

“ Our business philosophy is still simple to provide quality products whole heartedly ensuring superior customer satisfaction“

International Tools Maker

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Swedish hand forged axe maker

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